Friday, April 3, 2015

Southern California Beach Tips - Dogs

Beaches and Dogs

For dog owners, call ahead. Most Southern California beaches allow dogs on the beach, and with good reason. It runs through the waves and throw a Frisbee or two can be fun to take Fido. But two problems can cause the dog to the beach rangers. First, the driving factor, so clean up after Fido! They are well behaved and on a leash Second, dogs ,, tend to scare wildlife and habitat values ​​lower beach.

Wes Chapin beaches of Santa Barbara, which operates in the state of North Oxnard California State Parks Channel Coast District, an interpretive specialist. Dogs are prohibited dogs, even the mail is allowed in areas where the trails, wild animals in the area remain behind: he will come to the conclusion that allows a dog on the beach is a wonderful trails study says. Read More

Charming and Chittagong Naval Beach-1

Chittagong naval beach is one of the wonderful beaches in the world. It is the most beautiful one in compare to other beaches in Chittagong. Beaches like Potia, kornalhat, anawara are also wonderful to enjoy with family and alone. Anyone can easily visit this beaches because this heritage beach one can see long sandy beach.. Boat club, glof club, and so many tea stall where one can take a cup of tea. And from their anybody can get different kind of drinks. In winter season a WONDERFUL south breeze blowing over the beach which is very gentle and makes tourist mind refresh.

In the naval beach one can attend a bike race competition and can enjoy a lot fun their..One can easily go their, because the communication cost is very low. There are lots of restaurants, coffee house and also very cheap rate Kabab houses in the naval beaches. The kabab is one of the favorite item for the visitors.. From the city it is almost 15-kilometer per way. So for a long drive every one go there.. In a holiday there are so many people go their for enjoying this refreshable sea beach.

Sometimes you can choose this wonderful place for picnic tour. From Chittagong city people came here and complete their funny and enjoyable tours. 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Beautiful Beach Wedding Dress

From the wedding dress on the beach you can get wet or sandy , the length is usually short or tea length . In addition, the bride is preferable to a wedding dress washable to be easy to wash the sand off. Planning your own wedding , you need to consider the wedding dress.

The wedding flowers are the perfect complement for the elegant wedding dress . Hold a bouquet of white roses and colorful flowers . Add a corsage on the wedding dress too. The florist can also attach flowers on forks that can keep the hair in place . Help windy day . However, the brides with flowing hair down also look to differentiate sexy.

The beach wedding dress fabric used and soft white cotton long flowing . Due to the sensitivity of the wedding dress , the wedding dress is hand-sewn and hand -beaded handmade.

Beach Flower Girl Dresses

A pink charmeuse with flower embroidered mesh and organza cut is a perfect summer dress. With a floral pattern in bright taffeta , finished with a bubble - cut style skirt , this pink dream is fit for all the pink princess. Imagine an evening wedding beach , a sunset pink , a beautiful bride and a lovely flower girl in pink charmeuse - a picture - Perfect fit !
Of course , beach weddings are not pale pastels . ' Bold and Beautiful ' is the theme of your wedding on the beach! Bold prints on sundresses or best dresses bright orange can be added . A nice touch of a fuchsia dress georgette ruffle double with adjusting sequins and removable flower is a fantastic choice for a summer dress .

If a bride wants to wear a dark shadow on your wedding gown organza red top is a warm style and yet a cool choice for summer dress a girl
The most popular styles this season include casual and formal dresses. In fact, in some way both styles are combined into a dress. A pink metallic gingham poly - cotton summer dress with tie-back frame has the right touch of elegance. This dress fits perfectly a wedding on the beach.
A pink dress flower girl ruffled taffeta shirred bodice and sleeveless summer dress is a cool but classy girl . A white lace dress everywhere will provide a modern beach wedding . Traditional Touch All types of cool fabrics will appear on this wedding on the beach in summer.
Gorgeous Georgette fabric is a beautiful , pure , light that is creating a buzz in this summer season . Charmeuse and chiffon soft bright are always favorites for summer girl dresses . Pink taffeta is looking hot this season and organza gowns always overwhelm with their subtle elegance and excellent style . Girl's Dresses Beach flowers - beauty on the beach!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Exploring Main Cities of Bangladesh and the beaches


Is the capital of Chittagong Division Chittagong Bangladesh . It is the second largest city and also the country's largest port. The city is also known city Aulias ( Muslim saints ) . It is famous for the hills and forests and wide sandy beaches . The favorable climate of the city attracts large number of tourists. It is the capital city, but has become very popular among tourists. Only steel mill in the country and oil refinery are located in Chittagong. The main attractions in the city are Patenga Beach, Sanctuary Baizid Bostami , Lake Foy , Chandanpura Mosque , World War II Cemetery, Ethnological Museum, etc.


Sylhet is located in northeastern Bangladesh. The city is known for the shrine of Sufi saint Hazrat Shahjalal , one of the holiest places of the country. It is one of the richest cities. It is a land of natural forests , plantations of beautiful trees , shrines , etc. Each year a number of tourists visiting this city. The city is also famous for its tea plantations and if anyone has come here, then , should not miss the beautiful tea gardens. The main places to visit in the city are in Jaflong Kalibari , Sree Mangal , Lawacherra Rain Forest, Tilagor , Madhabkunda , Lawacherra Rain Forest, Shah Jalal Bridge etc.

Chittagong Naval Beach

The good thing about visiting Chittagong Naval beach is that you can visit some other beautiful places like the beach Potenga , Foy Lake , Echo Park Vatiari hill cantina etc go to the main beach can be easier naval city of Chittagong. You can take a bus, train or plane, even if you wish! If you do not have your own ride , you can take a GNC ; the show is only BDT 100. There are many hotels in Chittagong where you can stay for the duration of your visit. The city , especially the naval beach is safer than anywhere in this country , even late at night, so security is not a headache. It would be better not to plan the trip on a Friday because too many people are likely to ruin your vacation .

So do not miss a holiday! Go out there and enjoy what the port city of Chittagong has to offer and I'm telling you , your vacation is not long enough to have everything !

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ten Beaches For Beachcombing

Natural and Historic Treasures

There are many natural treasures such as shells, unusual stained stones, pieces of wood that has sailed from places far and strange looking sponges, algae tangled and egg boxes, even sharks can be found.

You can also discover some nuggets crystal gradient, shining like gems in the sand or in the rock pools.

Report finds valuable

If you are really adventurous you could invest in a metal detector and find out what the man did 'booty' can be hidden under the sand. His expedition will discover the wonders as coins, arrowheads and other important elements that belong to a museum or collection.

It is important to note that in case you discover any jewelry or old coins these findings should be reported to the district coroner.
Rock Pools

Do not forget to look in the rock pools!

Rock pools have their own living treasures such as fish, crabs, sea anemones, and marine worms. If you peer into the water long enough you might find a periwinkle or, if you're lucky, spot a starfish. It's an amazing world and one that can be very mezmerizing.

Everything has a story to tell

Adults and children will benefit from a day of walking along the beach to the sea shore and all the elements discovered has a story.

You can let your imagination as to the actions and stories of looting pirates and mermaids children. Your children's imagination have no limits and soon coming up with their own stories of how Captain Hook when he visited the same beach!
They can say 'Blackbeards Treasure to be discovered in the next cove, and Captain Jack Sparrow himself, once seen in these parts here in search of the missing pieces of eight
After the hard work
Beach combing is an adventure and every adventure has a happy ending. Most of the beaches are wonderful nearby cafes and ice cream vans stopped at a laybye.Wrap your little treasure hunters in their towels and shirts and try a snack with fluffy scones and strawberry jam or a double scoop of ice cream giant to end the day.