Friday, April 3, 2015

Southern California Beach Tips - Dogs

Beaches and Dogs

For dog owners, call ahead. Most Southern California beaches allow dogs on the beach, and with good reason. It runs through the waves and throw a Frisbee or two can be fun to take Fido. But two problems can cause the dog to the beach rangers. First, the driving factor, so clean up after Fido! They are well behaved and on a leash Second, dogs ,, tend to scare wildlife and habitat values ​​lower beach.

Wes Chapin beaches of Santa Barbara, which operates in the state of North Oxnard California State Parks Channel Coast District, an interpretive specialist. Dogs are prohibited dogs, even the mail is allowed in areas where the trails, wild animals in the area remain behind: he will come to the conclusion that allows a dog on the beach is a wonderful trails study says. Read More